It has always been the role of the artist to make others think, to bring into being new ideas and ways of seeing, that people can share and thus organise and co-operate around.


It is therefore the responsibility of the artist to make sure that those new forms and ways of shared thinking are to the benefit of the whole community and not just the privileged few.


Steven was a member of artists collective Black Dogs from 2007 – 2011 and its members and discourse have informed much of his practice ever since.


In 2010 Steven founded Tottenham Hale Studios C.i.C (THIS) and it continues to provide affordable studio space and a community outreach programme.


in 2017 Steven founded Studioname Leicester C.i.C to establish the idea of a “Creative Community Incubator” model. Its work continues.


In 2020 Steven founded Churchgate Artists Studios C.i.C to bring affordable studio space and opportunities to makers and artists in heart of Leicesters city centre.


In 2021 Steven founded the Company of Artists C.i.C (TCOA) to enable Leicester based artists to take control of their cities creative future, enabling them to co-operate on projects such as “Leicester Contemporary”.


Since 2019 Steven has been the programme director of The Florence Trust, an arts charity based in north London that has for the past 35 years been home to an international residency scheme. Steven is overseeing the continuation of the Trust as it moves to a new home and reestablishes the programme following COVID.

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